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Learning Spanish / Aprendiendo Español

Vocales I am trying very hard to teach Spanish to little Miss V, but sometimes it is difficult when you are surrounded for so much of the English language!. I mean, Daddy, family, books, tv etc. Although she does understand when I do speak Spanish to her, she always answers back in English. Then  going with my wish I decided to made this set of cloth cards with the vowels.

Siempre he querido ensenar Español a Miss V, pero es bastante difícil cuando se está rodeado del idioma Ingles. Aunque ella me entiende cuando le hablo en Español, siempre me contesta en Ingles. Entonces decidí hacer estas cartas de tela, y cada una de ellas tiene una de las vocales.

VocalesThe inspiration came from Sabrina and her lovely blog Wolves in London . To make them I used some unbleached cotton,  t-shirt transfer paper, quilting cotton for the back and some interfacing to add body. The pictures of the animals are from this site (these images are for non-profit use).

La inspiración viene de un blog que se llama Wolves in London. Para hacerlas, use algodón en crudo, un papel especial para imprimir imágenes y transferirlas a tela, algodón con motivos para el revés y entretela para reforzar. La imagenes de los animales las tome de este sitio (El uso de estas imágenes no es comercial).

VocalesLikes: It is a very simple project that fulfils my desire to teach little Miss V love for Spanish! Also I love the vintage images, it gives the set of cards an unique touch.

Dislikes: my topstitching!

Es un proyecto bien sencillo que creo llena mis expectativas para enseñar Español a Miss V. También me gustan mucho las imágenes que usé, ya que le dan un toque especial al juego de cartas.

IMG_2571 Vocales Play

I think she is enjoying them too, has been playing all morning, organizing them and we have been pronouncing the names of the animals. Now I will have to make all the alphabet! and practice my topstitching.

Ella las esta disfrutando, ha estado jugando con ellas toda la mañana, organizándolas y también hemos estado pronunciando los nombres de los animales. Ahora tendré que dedicarme a hacer todo el alfabeto!

Thanks for staying tuned in!, Have a nice weekend.

Gracias por leer!, feliz fin de semana.

9 thoughts on “Learning Spanish / Aprendiendo Español”

  1. Oh wow, those are so gorgeous… So pleased to hear I was the inspiration for such a beautiful make!

    I think your red topstitching looks really great as well, it really finishes off the cards. I’m tempted to make some myself (in English, probably though!) for my own baby — they look so much nicer than cardboard store-bought flash cards.

    Thanks so much for mentioning me.


  2. These are really beautiful … I enjoy Sabrina’s lovely blog too … and yours is equally gorgeous … I am delighted to see some written Spanish … I studied Spanish at school and loved it … I am very out of practice now but I love when I recognise a few words here and there … looking forward to future posts … Bee x

  3. These are gorgeous, Maria, and your topstitching is lovely! I tried to do something similar with K and Japanese, but I wasn’t nearly as motivated as you…good thing K is taking Japanese lessons and that my mom visits often!

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